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I made this self portrait a recently and get around taking a pic of it to post on the blog. Its 50X40 cm, ink and pencil. I really like inks, the way you can build layers with them. Combination of black, brown and gold looks fine too.

Through it’s not the most ‘happy chappy’ image image on the world it made me feel good after finishing.


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Hi there. Not so long ago was my dad’s b-day. I decided this time to make it special and make him his portrait. Of course as it supposed to be a surprise it had to be done from picture rather than first hand. Finding a pic was a bit problematic but I am quite happy with the result. Background has been stylised as old fisherman pub (guess what is my daddies hobby).  Done in acrylic, 40×50 cm. I even manage to ship it to Poland ready for the day.

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Those little everyday beauties have been living in a sunny space just in front of my old home last summer. I absolutely adore sow thistles.

And here are some more, but later the same year. Hope that you like them too.

Later ones make me think about ‘The Virgin Suicide’. I can almost hear sweet innocent voices….

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