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I am so bad with downloading pictures from my camera that it’s unreal. I have pictures of work from months ago still sitting on my memory card, shoots back from winter time hidden  sad and lonely on external drive, tones of sketches sticking out from every possible book, basically one big mess.

That’s why I am going to have a summer resolution. Or two. Firstly, I will post process pictures within the week (it’s not that I don’t like to work with Photoshop, it just take so much time….. to get it to the standard I like). Secondly, I will tidy up my files, cause I start loosing the plot with what I have got there. Can it be done?…. I have a strong belief.

That also means that I will put some backlog stuff up here. It will do me good.


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Well, yesterday was Monday, it was very, very hot and humid and as we coming towards the end of the school year (just week and a half left 🙂 ) we all are getting a bit more relaxed. (more…)

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A3,  ball pen on acrylic paint. It took me just under an hour with the background.  (more…)

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Barbie Princess Dress

My friend’s daughter just had a birthday. As we are both dedicated crafters, Linda asked my to create something instead buying toys. Lately I do saw a lot for pleasure and we have decided that princess dress for one of her Barbies would be a nice gift. (more…)

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