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line drawing of a boy 

This drawings has been completed as a part of presentation for my students. We have been looking at body proportions and create line drawings from pictures that have been taken prior to that lesson.

A4 pencil drawing


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This is a cut out that I have prepared as a part of my book for the Sketchbook Project. It has taken an inspiration from reach and decorative motifs of Art Nuevo, especially the jewellery ornaments. (more…)

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I have been observed by my Headmaster today and whole lesson went terribly out of sync due to technology and its grumpiness. Half of the computers in an ITC suite refused to cooperate with me. I had put lots of effort into preparations and on the end did not have enough time to go through half of material and got stressed. Oh well, at least it’s over and done. I need a hug now. (more…)

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Shh, it's late

This is a drawing that I have done last night as a response to this week Illustration Friday topic. As I have been working on Sketchbook Project lately (more…)

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Hi there,

This is a quick sketch of a manekin in my classroom that I have done last Saturday while waiting for people to arrive to an open morning in my school. (more…)

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sketchbook project drawing

This is one of the illustrations that I have made recently while working at Sketchbook Project. It is one of the first in the book and I feel it fits this week “Illustration Friday”‘s topic rather nicely. It is ink and black pen on sand colour paper.

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