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Original sketch in pen 18×12 cm    Print – Screen print on crème card

This is one of the sketches that I have made for Sketchbook Project. One day I took my sketchbook to school, well to be honest it is always with me but this this time it laid on my desk open, and my technician was very fond of my drawings. He suggested that it would look nice changed into screen print so I had exposed one and had a go with it. Generally I am pleased with the result although edges are a bit too dark for my liking. I think I may turn it into a postcards or something.

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Pen and ink

And again I have finished a doodle in my sketchbook that kind of fitting this week title for Illustration Friday.

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Hi, I added and extra page with the selection of some of my work that can be finded on that blog. At the moment there are only drawings/paintings. I will try to create a new one with some photos in the near future. 🙂

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Yesterday I had a period off just before my lunch break so it was a great opportunity to sneak to the market and do some food shopping, as I never have a time to do it. Of course I was starving so went to the market coffee to have a snack and a coffee. Two tables in front of me there was a bunch of people that caught my eye. (more…)

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