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And finally, Sketchbook Project work has been completed. All pages are covered in work and soon there will be a time to post it. Frankly, I am still not ready to let it go…. It has been such a pleasure to work at it. Well, I have made a video of my sketchbook and here it is:





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And again a pen drawing from my sketchbook.

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Ok, so it would be nice to share some thoughts that are inspiration for paintings that I am creating for Coventry – City of Sanctuary exhibition. (more…)

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I have been invited to take a part in a ‘City of Sanctuary’ project. It aims to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. As a part of it group of seven foreign artists who live in Coventry (that includes me) have been invited to create artistic response to their experience of coming to Coventry and the way that city welcomed them.

Results of the project are going to be presented in Herbert Gallery between 18 Jan and 5 Feb, in Studio 1 room upstairs during regular opening hours. That will include some of my acrylic paintings.

I would like to welcome everyone to come and have a look.


Link to the short info:


Link to the City of Sanctuary project:



Thank you, 🙂


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Hi there,

I hope that your Christmas/New Year’s Eve has past as nicely as mine. I have been driving a lot recently, going to London and Edinburgh, visiting my friends (and their families) and generally having a lot of fun.

In the meantime I have managed to find a little time to finish those sketches that have been made as a Christmas gifts to my friends Aga, Daria, Linus and Lech.  I am quite happy with them and it was enjoyable and relaxing to handmade some gifts this year.

They are approx. B4 size, watercolour and black ink.

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