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As I was pretty busy last week, partly because I tried to catch up with some artwork, partly because I tried to meet some old friends and make some new acquaintances 🙂 I haven’t put much work on the blog and I have lots ready!

So let start with older staff. Here are some sketches that I made during that diversity meeting at Herbert Gallery last December. Speakers were African refugees, talking about their experiences of Christmas back in their homeland, their culture, habits and style of live. It was very interesting, shame that meetings are at midday and usually I cannot attend them.


I tried to make few quick pencil sketches as they were talking. I also captured Jack from Diversity Team at Herbert, with whom I have been very successively working during City of Sanctuary project on the beginning of this year.


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Today was the last day of ‘City of Sanctuary’ exhibition. I would like to thank everyone who came and visit, especially all my dear friends, work (more…)

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Bye bye my lovely

This week I had to say bye bye to my sketchbook. I have passed it into good hands of Post Office and now just hope for it to travel safely to NY. 😦

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