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Business Card

Yeah, GCSE Digital Manipulation season has been closed, after Easter we will discover magical world of darkroom photography and it put me in a such a good mood today that I actually sit down and did some work on the computer for myself (shocking). I draw myself earlier this week and thought that this drawing would look nice on a business card. 🙂


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All paintings are A0 size (841 x 1189 mm) and had been painted in acrylic.


Finally I get hold of some pictures from City of Sanctuary exhibition! And I thought that it would be nice to put them on the blog. I’ve received very positive feedback about those pieces and a great support from Bablake School and my students, who came to see the exhibition.

I am delighted to inform that the Herbert Gallery has asked me to create a smaller painting to be displayed in the History section for a year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I will get a whole display case for myself as a new arrival to Coventry. Need to think about some sort of description of myself, is there anyone who would like to help me with that task? Are there any interesting stories about me there that would be worth of mentioning?

I am in the process of creating it now (may even do a speed painting, you never know) and am collecting other personal things to go on the display with it.

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And this is another pic dedicate for Tony. That’s how in my opinion should look Dr Goat.

Black pen on A4

1/2 hour



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My friend Tony asked me last week to draw a fairy for his game.

This is a quick drawing of a fairy that I made for (more…)

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two sides of a woman

This is a speed drawing of a piece that I have made for a request. It shows two sides of a woman, one soft and gentile and one independent and strong, and is going to be use for a show at Polish Community Centre.

A1 size, pencil and black marker, aprox time – 2 h

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Those are comments from the City of Sanctuary exhibition that Jack form Herbert Gallery kindly copied for me. It was a great pleasure to read such a positive words, especially (more…)

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