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Ceramic orc head

Last month we had a workshop’s day at my Warwick Gaming Group and Dave was kind enough to run a ceramic one. We had an opportunity to create an orc head from clay that later on was glazed and fired by him. Yesterday I got my head and as it is probably the first clay work that I’ve done in years (if you are not going to count a sad attempt to make a pot with Paul, my boss, which by the way got a name of ‘wonky garden ashtray creations, I am very happy with results. And here they are:





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Direct sketches

Those are quick sketches of the members of Warwick Gaming Club from recent Wednesdays nights. Done in pen in my butterfly A5 sketchbook, time 3 – 10 min.

Thanks guys!

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I had a bit of time today and nothing particular to do (or should I rather say lots but nothing to do) so I’ve messed around in Photoshop a bit and made those stamps? logos? that I plan to put on mine, my technician and my head of department overthrows.  🙂

I used the same drawing that I put on buissness cards and sketched a new one for Jo.


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