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Since the New Year dawned, I have been working on a new Butterflies piece. This one depicts the balance between the routine daily tasks of life (work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc) and the fact that women have to find the time within that to make themselves beautiful, both inside and out. It is an A2-size drawing in fineliner, but this time I’ve given the background an ink wash to tone down the contrast. Here are few in-progress peeks; if you like them (or not!), leave me a comment!


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I have just sent my entry to The International Postcard Show at Surface Gallery. To be honest I made a work for it month and a half ago, but completely forgotten to post it!!! Thankfully, some leisure net surfing on A-N artist site has reminded me about it. Thanks Internet, for once you weren’t ‘cute cats’ pictures time wasters’

Here it is, 4×6 inches paper collage on blur card.

Oh, and a here are few samples from previous show:

The International Postcard Show 1

The International Postcard Show 2

The International Postcard Show 3

Photography credit to Matthew Hoyland

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Daria’s portrait

My friend Daria has had her birthday recently and she ‘subtly’ suggested that her living room wall is a bit empty and in need of something new. Well, I did not fancy finding myself on the bad side of Daria (which would probably include sudden appearance of more than quirky pictures on my Facebook page or encyclopaedia send in parts via messages as I can recall) so I got to work on her portrait. It’s A3 size, watercolour and pen on paper and I really hope that Daria likes it.

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