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Progress on the work

Butterfly drawing ink work



This time with colour included. Also pattern started. 🙂


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As I had a week off school, Simon and I went on a few trips last week. One took us to Khasab in Oman; a lovely small town, really worth a visit. Here are some sketches from when we went on a Dhow boat trip.

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Hi there,

I have started on new butterflies, this time I want some strong colour contra-posted with a strongly textured, monochromatic background. I am working at the moment on developing techniques for creating large surfaces. I also tried a new scale for the project; this one is an aprox A1 size piece.

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portrait in ink

Simon Brady, ink on A4 paper

Ok, finally the rush and craziness of moving jobs (and country, and getting married – all in a 3 month package!) is slowing down and I have a chance to sit down and do some work. And what’s better a topic than my freshly unwrapped out of the box husband? I am feeling a bit rusty now with portraits and thus that I made Simon a promise to create 20 portraits of him. This is no1: ink wash on paper, A4.


By the way, if anyone would like to become my next portrait’s victim – um, I mean ‘subject’ – please let me know. I want to dust off those skills of mine.

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