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Here is a new piece from my UAE series that I am currently working at. Watercolour and ink on paper.


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It was a busy weekend and, frankly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage to finish my two pieces mentioned in my last post, as I was feeling under the weather. Fortunately my lovely Simon, bless him, has been nursing me to good effect and I managed to complete one of them.

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Hey there!

I thought that it would be nice to update you on the progress of my work. I was luckily able to enjoy my studio time in some decent doses this week and I am working on two new UAE butterflies. I have just finished applying washes of watercolour and ink. This weekend I am going to add patterns on them. I hope to finish them by Sunday, so wish me luck!


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Traveling is nice but it is so good to be back in my studio!!!

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Hi there,


Sketchbook cover

I am back home in RAK. Simon and I had a very good time in Sri Lanka. Two weeks were definitely the right amount of time for the trip.

Detail from the travel book - Polonnaruwa stupa

Detail from the travel book – Polonnaruwa stupa

We landed in Colombo and went straight into the central part of the island to see the famous ruins of Sigiriya (Sangria?) and Polonnaruwa. The first one was physically a bit of a challenge with its never-ending 1200 steps, some of them just a metal staircase spread above the nothingness of a sheer drop.

Royal Bar and Hotel receipt

Royal Bar and Hotel receipt

We hung around Kandy for a few days. The surrounding area is stunning but the city itself is quite filthy and crowded. By an odd piece of luck we found a gem there – the Royal Bar and Hotel – a romanticised take on the British colonial era, full of period décor. After that there was time for tea plantations and stunning waterfalls in the mountain region of Nuwara Eliya.

Drawing from the travel book

Drawing from the travel book

Detail from the travel book - drawing of a palm tree

Detail from the travel book – drawing of a palm tree

We spent almost a week on the west  coast, chilling on the beach and I even tried scuba diving on Christmas Day.

Here you can check out my full sketchbook (or you can see it as PDF SriLankaSketchbookKasiaDzikowska). I hope that you will enjoy it. Thanks, Kasia.

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