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This evening I am incredibly excited, because tonight at the 2nd Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival I was awarded First Place in the Art category!

The two pieces selected by the Foundation for their Festival were from my Notice Me series, which I have been working on since moving to the UAE in September 2013.

It began with my observations of Emirati woman going about their everyday tasks. Although they are fully covered in a black abaya with a hijab or niqab, sometimes as a casual observer I could catch a glimpse of beauty escaping the abaya: a hem of delicate fabric, a shine of an elaborate shoe or extraordinary shades of colour on their eyelids. The fact that these signs of hidden beauty were unintentionally revealed was more stimulating than any attractiveness that was free to see from a simple glance. It made me wonder about the women on the inside of the black material; what are their dreams, ambitions and colours that are hidden from us.

I would like to thank the Al Qasimi Foundation and also my amazing husband for all his constant support.

I'm so excited, I can't believe it!Notice Me 5Notice Me 6


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Today I am very excited because two of my pieces will be exhibited at the 2nd annual Ras al Khaimah Fine Art Festival!

The Festival is part of the Al Qasimi Foundation’s efforts to make tangible contributions to the cultural development of both Ras Al Khaimah and the UAE, and this year it features over forty artists across film, photography and fine art. It also will showcase work by some of the students at RAK Academy, where I teach art.

The premiere of the exhibition will be a black tie event at the very posh Banyan Tree Al Wadi hotel, which I’m super-excited for, and the festival itself runs for four days. A little bird has said to me that there will be cocktails and caviar, and the thought of Simon in a tuxedo is very nice too!

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I have sit down today with a sketch of my friend Esther that I have promised her some time ago. This was done from a recent photo of her, one that I really like.

By the way, if anyone would like to become my next portrait’s victim – um, I mean ‘subject’ – please let me know. I want to dust off those skills of mine. Just point me to the photo of yourself that you like 🙂



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Ink wash finished on 2 pieces. Now they need to dry and tomorrow I can continue with watercolour.


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Prep done

Preparation for new pieces have been done ages ago, but school had took me in the possession recently and I didn’t managed to put any updates here.  Here are finish prep drawings for 3 new pieces, I have started 2 of them so progress update soon 🙂


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Hi there,

This weekend I have been working on prep for new butterflies pieces. 🙂




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