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Simon-and-I Simon-and-I-ink-sketch

I felt that it was time for a bit of portraiture practice yesterday, so I have made this ink sketch based on my favorite picture of me and Simon. Somehow I felt an urge for a drawing sized to fit a small frame after a trip to Ikea, which resulted in bags of unplanned items including a set of frames! Coincidence?


Anyway, this is 15 x 20 cm ink sketch with a dash of water.


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still life combined


Some of my students have been struggling with observational drawing so I have created this tutorial to help them.¬† You can download a printable¬†handout here:¬†How to draw a still life apples handout free to use! (more…)

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I thought it would be nice to put up some details of the small series of my Notice Me butterflies. These 6 pieces are the size of a large postcard and are done in ink and watercolour.



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