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Today during my class with gcse students we have discussed the importance of working on your skills continuously. The summer break is coming in the big steps now so we have set up a challenge to do art for minimum 10 minutes a day.


I love maintaining visual journal, especially during the summer , when you are on the go. It helps me to stay in shape with my drawing skills, and when you travel you see so many interesting things! You can see one of my travel journal here :).


We are going to do the challenge together! Year 10 (all other years are invited too) don’t bailout on me here! If any other folks would like to join use:


– and we can have a chat and I promise to leave a nice comment!

I am starting off with a little pencil drawing of a camel (and me 😜 ). I plan to turn it into a watercolour painting and use as a leaving card for my school.


Keep drawing!


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Dear all,
I would like to wish you a peaceful and spiritual Ramadan ! I have made this painting in ink today especially for you. It is loosely based on the Cornishe Mosque in Ras Al Khaimah. Ramadan Mubarak from Kasia 🙂


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It was really great for artists to get together and dive in into 2 and a half days full of art activities. Omani artist were very welcoming and the organization of the weekend superb! Big thanks to ZeeArts and Paragon Arts for coming together and making it happen!


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