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Not so long ago I have been ill with a terrible chest infection. That meant few days in bed for me, so I have occupied myself with sewing some Christmas decorations. I enjoy sewing when I am poorly; it reminds me of the childhood days with my grandma. When I do it I almost expect her to come through the door with some warming soup and a kind word.



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Ceramic orc head

Last month we had a workshop’s day at my Warwick Gaming Group and Dave was kind enough to run a ceramic one. We had an opportunity to create an orc head from clay that later on was glazed and fired by him. Yesterday I got my head and as it is probably the first clay work that I’ve done in years (if you are not going to count a sad attempt to make a pot with Paul, my boss, which by the way got a name of ‘wonky garden ashtray creations, I am very happy with results. And here they are:




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Original sketch in pen 18×12 cm    Print – Screen print on crème card

This is one of the sketches that I have made for Sketchbook Project. One day I took my sketchbook to school, well to be honest it is always with me but this this time it laid on my desk open, and my technician was very fond of my drawings. He suggested that it would look nice changed into screen print so I had exposed one and had a go with it. Generally I am pleased with the result although edges are a bit too dark for my liking. I think I may turn it into a postcards or something.

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This is a cut out that I have prepared as a part of my book for the Sketchbook Project. It has taken an inspiration from reach and decorative motifs of Art Nuevo, especially the jewellery ornaments. (more…)

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Barbie Princess Dress

My friend’s daughter just had a birthday. As we are both dedicated crafters, Linda asked my to create something instead buying toys. Lately I do saw a lot for pleasure and we have decided that princess dress for one of her Barbies would be a nice gift. (more…)

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Ok, as I promised here it is – Puck crown. I have lots of fun while preparing it. You should see me going around school grounds and collecting branches. Level of attention – extra high; expression on pupils’ faces – priceless. I am honest; I know they think I got bunkers.

Tam, Tam, Tam…. Here it is, one and only.

And how I made it?

I started with creating an ivy wreath (what a difficult word by the way wreath is, impossible to remember). Then I add some twigs with buds (all connected with garden wire). Another ivy circle to make it stable and some stems on side. Finally I sprayed it gold and add some odd beads. Simple .

So as I am an expert of woodland headgears and appeal to all mighty druids, weird creatures, kings of forests and so on, if you need new and trendy wood- mythological stuff – you know where to find me.

Hej, hej, o straszliwi królowie lasów, mądrzy druidzi, zaczarowane elfiątka i inne stwory różnej maści – jeśli trzeba wam leśnych koron już wiecie gdzie nas znaleść.

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I have been approached at school by drama department to help with some outfits for a school play. The task was to create two crowns, one for upper school for King Henry VIII play and one for lower for Puck from ‘A midsummer Night’s Dream’ (Is there someone fascinated by Shakespeare? Hmmm…) Have to say love dressing up myself so I started to work on it with a pleasure. Will show results in a bit. 🙂

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