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Today during my class with gcse students we have discussed the importance of working on your skills continuously. The summer break is coming in the big steps now so we have set up a challenge to do art for minimum 10 minutes a day.


I love maintaining visual journal, especially during the summer , when you are on the go. It helps me to stay in shape with my drawing skills, and when you travel you see so many interesting things! You can see one of my travel journal here :).


We are going to do the challenge together! Year 10 (all other years are invited too) don’t bailout on me here! If any other folks would like to join use:


– and we can have a chat and I promise to leave a nice comment!

I am starting off with a little pencil drawing of a camel (and me 😜 ). I plan to turn it into a watercolour painting and use as a leaving card for my school.


Keep drawing!


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This evening I am incredibly excited, because tonight at the 2nd Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival I was awarded First Place in the Art category!

The two pieces selected by the Foundation for their Festival were from my Notice Me series, which I have been working on since moving to the UAE in September 2013.

It began with my observations of Emirati woman going about their everyday tasks. Although they are fully covered in a black abaya with a hijab or niqab, sometimes as a casual observer I could catch a glimpse of beauty escaping the abaya: a hem of delicate fabric, a shine of an elaborate shoe or extraordinary shades of colour on their eyelids. The fact that these signs of hidden beauty were unintentionally revealed was more stimulating than any attractiveness that was free to see from a simple glance. It made me wonder about the women on the inside of the black material; what are their dreams, ambitions and colours that are hidden from us.

I would like to thank the Al Qasimi Foundation and also my amazing husband for all his constant support.

I'm so excited, I can't believe it!Notice Me 5Notice Me 6

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Hi there,


Sketchbook cover

I am back home in RAK. Simon and I had a very good time in Sri Lanka. Two weeks were definitely the right amount of time for the trip.

Detail from the travel book - Polonnaruwa stupa

Detail from the travel book – Polonnaruwa stupa

We landed in Colombo and went straight into the central part of the island to see the famous ruins of Sigiriya (Sangria?) and Polonnaruwa. The first one was physically a bit of a challenge with its never-ending 1200 steps, some of them just a metal staircase spread above the nothingness of a sheer drop.

Royal Bar and Hotel receipt

Royal Bar and Hotel receipt

We hung around Kandy for a few days. The surrounding area is stunning but the city itself is quite filthy and crowded. By an odd piece of luck we found a gem there – the Royal Bar and Hotel – a romanticised take on the British colonial era, full of period décor. After that there was time for tea plantations and stunning waterfalls in the mountain region of Nuwara Eliya.

Drawing from the travel book

Drawing from the travel book

Detail from the travel book - drawing of a palm tree

Detail from the travel book – drawing of a palm tree

We spent almost a week on the west  coast, chilling on the beach and I even tried scuba diving on Christmas Day.

Here you can check out my full sketchbook (or you can see it as PDF SriLankaSketchbookKasiaDzikowska). I hope that you will enjoy it. Thanks, Kasia.

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How did we become so uninvolved and emotionless? When did we begin to care more about this season’s fashion than the people surrounding us? The elderly neighbour whose wife just passed away? The relationship struggles of my brother? A work colleague stressed about money? I don’t care. My heart has been frozen.

This illustration is my response to the coldness all around us, the icy grip of an emotionless existence. It is not a judgement; I sometimes catch myself being frozen and disconnected from other people. That’s why I depicted myself in this work, holding out my cold dark heart, unable to get any response.


This piece come be as a response to the Editor’s Brief from Ideas Tap.

A2 ink on paper


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I am very, very excited today! Those two little babies have been accepted to Open Exhibition at the Crocus Gallery in Nottingham.  So if you are around that area on Friday 16th Nov please do come to the opening. Or pop in between then and 15th of December, but I personally think that you can’t beat a free glass of red and some nibbles to digest with some Fine Art.

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Ok, so it would be nice to share some thoughts that are inspiration for paintings that I am creating for Coventry – City of Sanctuary exhibition. (more…)

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I have been invited to take a part in a ‘City of Sanctuary’ project. It aims to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. As a part of it group of seven foreign artists who live in Coventry (that includes me) have been invited to create artistic response to their experience of coming to Coventry and the way that city welcomed them.

Results of the project are going to be presented in Herbert Gallery between 18 Jan and 5 Feb, in Studio 1 room upstairs during regular opening hours. That will include some of my acrylic paintings.

I would like to welcome everyone to come and have a look.


Link to the short info:


Link to the City of Sanctuary project:



Thank you, 🙂


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Hi, I added and extra page with the selection of some of my work that can be finded on that blog. At the moment there are only drawings/paintings. I will try to create a new one with some photos in the near future. 🙂

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Yesterday I had a period off just before my lunch break so it was a great opportunity to sneak to the market and do some food shopping, as I never have a time to do it. Of course I was starving so went to the market coffee to have a snack and a coffee. Two tables in front of me there was a bunch of people that caught my eye. (more…)

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I have been observed by my Headmaster today and whole lesson went terribly out of sync due to technology and its grumpiness. Half of the computers in an ITC suite refused to cooperate with me. I had put lots of effort into preparations and on the end did not have enough time to go through half of material and got stressed. Oh well, at least it’s over and done. I need a hug now. (more…)

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