Here in the UAE we still have a t-shirt weather, but understandably I am craving snow and ice as Christmas time is almost here. I love those photographs by Marko Korosec, they make me think about winter in Polish countryside. You can find more here


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Rozalin’s Constellation has been completed despite busy week. Now off to a new piece. I am very happy 🙂



I had an emazing time today. Thank you Anne Preussel for fab photos!

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Happy birthday to me!!!


On my b-day I am heading to Art Couture gallery to set up for the exhibition next week. Don’t they look lovely?

I have a very happy message to share with you.  I have been accepted to participate in an Art Ehxibition at Art Couture gallery at Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai. The exhibition is going to take place between 1st Oct – 9th Nov and I would like to invite you to come and have a look if you find yourself in Dubai in that time.

If you would like more info please contact me 🙂

Art Couture ArtfromMindsEye Invite


Hello folks,

My beloved husband has entered an online design competition and I would love if you could rate him as highly as you think he deserves. It’s a 30 sec job! Thank you from all my heart. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just click on the link and give him a star: http://www.quadaward.com/show/project/890/


There is a gap in my blog as you can see. 2 long months. I have spent those last 2 months traveling around I have been filling my head with new ideas and my travel sketchbook with colour and line. I will share those soon with.


Meanwhile, there is a new project I started working on. And here is what it is about:


I have been tempted for a long while to create a collection about something that is close to my heart. Up until now I have been looking at women as isolated beings: focusing on their existence, their perception of themselves and their ambitions. But none among us is standing alone; we are all products of the way in which we were raised by the family around us. As women it is our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and daughters who influence our lives like the sun and moon influence the tides. Their relationships, both with us and with each other, inform our personalities to make up who we are. In Constellations, I explore these relationships between the women of a family, capturing them with symbolic patterns, colours and dimensions to produce a window on how a family sees itself.

Constellations - Kasia Dzikowska_abstract_art_pattern    Detail of work - Kasia Dzikowskaabstract_art_pattern

This piece is based on relations between women in my family. Technique: Oil on canvas, size: 120 x 80 cm

So excited! Long awaited summer break has finally arrived. And with it 7 weeks of pleasant travels in Europe. As I have considerably more time on my hands I have returned to good old sketching practices and with them to drawings of my lovely friends. I have finished this one just this morning and am full of hope that it will be to Imran’s taste. On the end of the day – he is a keen gamer, isn’t he?



A4 pencil sketch on paper


Each of these butterflies began from observations of Emirati women going about their everyday tasks.

Although the are fully covered in black abaya with a niqab or hijab, sometimes as a casual observer I could catch a glimpse of beauty escaping the cover: a hem of delicate fabric, a shine of an elaborate shoe or extraordinary shades of colour on their eyelids.

The fact that these signs of hidden beauty were unintentionally
revealed was more stimulating than any attractiveness that was free to see from a simple glance. It made me wonder about the women beneath the black material; what are their dreams, ambitions and colours that are hidden from me?

This sketchbook was provided by the Cultural Office of Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum at 2014’s Art Dubai event.

The light  of the orient

Yesterday I went to see very good exhibition of Orientalist from private collection of Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi at Sharjah Art Museum. I have really enjoyed lithographs by Davis Roberts.