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I have been busy for a part few weeks preparing artwork for Sikka Art Fair 2015. Sikka is an initiative for UAE based artists who are commissioned to create artwork which accompanies Art Dubai. It takes its name from the alleyways between the historic houses of Dubai. I am very proud to be part of this and had been working on a new piece which depict an Emirati Family seen through a women’s eyes. Have a sneak peak:

Kasia Dzikowska Configurations


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Acrylic on canvas, 50×40 cm

I made this landscape last year, after going on holidays to a little quiet village on the Baltic Sea shore.  I had a picture for quite a while but haven’t got around posting it before.

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Hi there. Not so long ago was my dad’s b-day. I decided this time to make it special and make him his portrait. Of course as it supposed to be a surprise it had to be done from picture rather than first hand. Finding a pic was a bit problematic but I am quite happy with the result. Background has been stylised as old fisherman pub (guess what is my daddies hobby).  Done in acrylic, 40×50 cm. I even manage to ship it to Poland ready for the day.

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