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Each of these butterflies began from observations of Emirati women going about their everyday tasks.

Although the are fully covered in black abaya with a niqab or hijab, sometimes as a casual observer I could catch a glimpse of beauty escaping the cover: a hem of delicate fabric, a shine of an elaborate shoe or extraordinary shades of colour on their eyelids.

The fact that these signs of hidden beauty were unintentionally
revealed was more stimulating than any attractiveness that was free to see from a simple glance. It made me wonder about the women beneath the black material; what are their dreams, ambitions and colours that are hidden from me?

This sketchbook was provided by the Cultural Office of Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum at 2014’s Art Dubai event.


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I thought it would be nice to put up some details of the small series of my Notice Me butterflies. These 6 pieces are the size of a large postcard and are done in ink and watercolour.



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I am very, very excited today! Those two little babies have been accepted to Open Exhibition at the Crocus Gallery in Nottingham.  So if you are around that area on Friday 16th Nov please do come to the opening. Or pop in between then and 15th of December, but I personally think that you can’t beat a free glass of red and some nibbles to digest with some Fine Art.

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