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Yesterday I had a period off just before my lunch break so it was a great opportunity to sneak to the market and do some food shopping, as I never have a time to do it. Of course I was starving so went to the market coffee to have a snack and a coffee. Two tables in front of me there was a bunch of people that caught my eye. (more…)


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Shh, it's late

This is a drawing that I have done last night as a response to this week Illustration Friday topic. As I have been working on Sketchbook Project lately (more…)

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watercolour portrait

A2, watercolours on Fabriano medium grain paper.

This was Noemi and Iain’s wedding present. (more…)

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A3,  ball pen on acrylic paint. It took me just under an hour with the background.  (more…)

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