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Following up there are 2 sketches from Corniche in Ras Al Khaimah. I really like my morning tete-a-tete with watercolours!


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What a nice start of the day! As Simon is commuting to his new job in Dubai and needs to get up really early I try to make it easier for him and and leave the bed on the same time (5am, grrr!) But that leaves me with some time to spare on the morning and today I have decided to use it wisely and efficiently and sit down to work with some watercolours and enjoy myself. This is what came out of my little 30 min session. I am pleased with it and now want to paint some more!!!

Size 20×20 cm, watercolour on paper

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Hi there,

This is a quick sketch of a manekin in my classroom that I have done last Saturday while waiting for people to arrive to an open morning in my school. (more…)

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Viki & Triss

A6, pen on paper.

This is a little doodle that I have made on wedding card for Viki and Tris last month.

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